Jung Facility


Jung Facility

Based in:

Los Angeles


Jessica Conelly, Marshall Quatrevaux, and Khalidah Rahal


True Neutral

The Jung Facility is a mental health hospital located in Los Angeles, California. Its missions are to provide help for Specials and, in the case of villains, try to rehabilitate them; and to offer aid in times of crisis via initiatives designed to promote good public welfare.


The Jung Facility was founded by a group of psychologists who set out to improve the lives of Specials through therapy. In April 2011, Khalidah Rahal added a branch of the Facility to deal with widesread physical trauma.

Important noteEdit

Jung does not use sedation and restraint measures unless absolutely necessary. The Facility also does not inhibit abilities unless those abilities are dangerous and out of control. Also, in most cases, remaining at Jung is completely optional. Only a few, particularly dangerous patients, such as Kiros Monroe and Samantha Kroner are held at Jung against their will. All others are free to come and go as they like, making escapes largely unnecessary.

Current staffEdit

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Facts of interestEdit

The Facility has a gorgeous garden.