• LazerusZTB


    June 18, 2013 by LazerusZTB

    I was bored, so I did this. lol.

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  • Chellote

    Say it (aint) so?

    October 10, 2011 by Chellote

    So, we're into what might be my last week on Eclipse, online in general, for awhile. It's strange, to think that a week from now I might not be on here, talking with my besties and enjoying writing like I do. I should be freaking out, I have freaked once already, and yet I am strangely calm. Emotions, they are weird things aren't they?

    And times are indeed changing, I am changing. I can see it in my charries, see it in my day to day activites and thought processes. Rayneyday is a crazy ass chicka, but she is amazing when I need her to be, as well as a few others on the site. Maybe next week will come and I will still be here, I hope so. After all the good that's happened for me because of this site, even the idea of missing a few days is de…

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  • Rayneyday

    I dunno, it seemed like a neat title.

    Today I was supposed to set up the site's wiki revival. Obviously that did not happen. Maybe tomorrow, if I'm not tired. It's more time-intensive than it should be because I have awesomeness planned. And awesomeness, much like beauty, takes time.

    The wiki's rate of use should shoot up once I set up the revival announcement. That'll be after I finish customising images, linking to the wiki in certain places, and writing a template. So yeah, much to do. I'll be done, though. I'll be out of work again by mid-week. More house-slumming for me.



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