Biopathy, also known as Anatomical Intuition, Bodily Intuition, Anatomical Perception, Bodily Perception or Biological Mapping is the innate psychic knowledge of the name, appearance, location and function of every part in the body. This ability can be used to detect the physical limits and weaknesses of every body part/body system of living creatures. The user can also intuitively detect bodily anomalies (like the type of damage that one sustains) and assess them to diagnose biological issues, such as disease, internal bleeding and the like that may not always be visible (called Intuitive Diagnosis). Some versions even allow the user to psychically percieve the anatomy, and its inner workings. The user may touch a subject, and from that, his sense of touch can be displaced, to feel any other organ, bone or muscle in the body. Or his perception may be shifted so that he can see a vague outline of the innards of living things at all time. Or the user’s body can empathically link to the subject they are using the ability on (even themselves) so that they can psychically feel the location/condition of the organs within their own bodies or the bodies of others.